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Welcome to the Documentation!

Adium seeks to be the most user-friendly and intuitive universal instant messaging client possible while maintaining significant flexibility. This documentation should help to answer most any question you may have; if you have a concern or request not covered here, please visit Adium Help.

The articles below cover a wide range of topics from initial setup and messaging to advanced contact list management and customization.

So don't hesitate – jump right in! :)


Image of Adium account types

Adium supports many different IM protocols. It lets you connect as many names on as many different services as you want all at the same time and gives you the flexibility to maintain all your contacts on a single contact list.

The contact list

Exemplary default contact list

The contact list shows which contacts are online, their status and the protocol that they are on. Maintain all your contacts from different accounts in a single list and organize them in groups and combine contacts with multiple accounts into one entity.


Message window screenshot

The chat window lets you communicate with your contacts. There are various features of this window from choosing which account of your contact you're talking to or want to talk to, adding files and emoticons to conversations and past chat history with the contact.

Events and notifications

Example Growl Notification

Adium features a highly-customisable "Events" system which enables you to set up different kinds of notifications and other actions for events.

Advanced features


Services supported

On the following pages you can find some information on the different service supported, e.g. history and censorship.